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Effect of the Performance of Lignin Into the Matrix of the TiO2 with Application on DSSCs

Edwalder Silva Teixeira, Vanja Fontenele Nunes, Diego Caitano Pinho, Paulo Herbet França Maia Júnior, Francisco Marcone Lima, Men de Sá Moreira de Souza Filho, Ana Fabíola Leite Almeida, Francisco Nivaldo Aguiar Freire

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Founding new materials and structures for solar cells is a challenge in the photovoltaic field. This work evaluated the effect of the lignin in the photovoltaic activity by compounding with TiO2/lignin as photoanode for the dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC’s). Hybrid films (TiO2/lignin) with different concentrations of lignin (5, 10 and 15%) were deposited by spin coating over commercial TiO2 thin films. The cells were sandwich assembled. The characterizations were done through analysis of absorbance, band gap, x-ray diffraction, morphological and electrical. The lignin at 15% reduced the TiO2 band gap from 3.66 to 2.84 eV, favoring the short current density to 11.06 mA/cm2 and efficiency of 4.65%, an increase of 103.95% compared to the TiO2 structure without lignin.


Lignin; TiO2; DSSCs; Spin coating


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