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Nursery and Field Development of Cordia Trichotoma Seedlings Subjected to Hardening Practices

Danielle Acco Cadorin, Ubirajara Contro Malavasi, João Alexandre Lopes Dranski, Pablo Wenderson Ribeiro Coutinho, Marlene de Matos Malavasi

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Lignin is related to mechanical support, fluidity of water transport by xylem and resistance to pest and pathogen infections. This research measured the concentration of lignin and its correlation with field performance of Cordia trichotoma (Vell.) Arrab. ex Steud seedlings submitted to hardening. Seedlings were treated with 20 stem bending for 4 or 8 weeks, application of 50 μmol L-1 of methyl jasmonate for 4 or 8 weeks and a control treatment. In the nursery after treatments, six seedlings were randomly selected for determination of root electrolytes and lignin content from stem and root tissues. Application of jasmonates or stem bending in the nursery promoted an increase in stem lignin concentration but did not induce a greater lignification of root systems. After 450 days of planting, saplings height and diameter increments and percentage survival were calculated along shoot lignin content. Saplings showed no differences in shoot lignin from nursery hardening.


Forest species; Jasmonates; Nursery; Tigmomorphogenesis


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