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Review Article Wood Science and Technology

Do the Growing Conditions of Trees Influence the Wood Properties?

Maria Fernanda Vieira Rocha; Taís Regina Lima Abreu Veiga; Bruno Charles Dias Soares; Ana Clara Caxito de Araújo; Ana Márcia Macedo Carvalho; Paulo Ricardo Gherardi Hein

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ABSTRACT: Currently, there is a little and sparse information about how the growing conditions influence the spatial variation of wood along the stem. Thus, the aim of this study was to compile the knowledge from literature in a manuscript for better understanding to what extent the growing conditions influence the spatial variation of wood properties in Eucalyptus plantations. The wood characteristics may present variations in their properties and can be caused by both genetic and environmental factors. However, how genetic and environmental factor acts on wood variation along the trunk is still unclear. Another point is that even with new genetic breeding programs, the mechanical properties of wood have not been considered in these programs, since the selection of new material is always based on the growing rate, cellulose and lignin content and wood density.


wood quality, spatial variation, NIR, resonance


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